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Top 3 things you don’t want to ask yourself at the end of 2024. …regarding your marketing, of course.

By May 15, 2024No Comments

#1 – Did I overinvest in social media?

Many businesses, and even marketers, can sink countless hours a week into social media. Likes, shares, and comments feel like an accomplishment, providing comfort & the illusion of perceived productivity.

For many businesses, I speak to this because it can divert attention from the pressing issue of failing conversions. At the end of the day… your marketing needs to grow your company… today’s dollar as well as tomorrow’s. (meaning a direct response today driving business, as well as growing your brand for sustainable growth)

Social media is an area of digital marketing that can easily mistake activity for effective marketing with the result of your essential sales issues remaining unaddressed.

Now if your social strategy includes content messaging that works in conjunction with other marketing mechanisms designed to increase your bottom line… then this tactic will work… but this is a bigger conversation & needs to be well-designed into a marketing strategy & planned alongside your content marketing efforts.


#2 – Am I spending too much on advertising while seeing minimal results?

This is by far one of the most common mistakes we come across.

If you’re a marketing DIY’er… platforms like Google & Facebook make it so simple now that your ads can be up & live in less than 30 minutes. It’s tempting, yet it can prompt you to egregiously pour marketing dollars into campaigns without planning, defined markets, objectives, etc.

This usually results in lack-luster results leaving you to believe marketing doesn’t work.

In truth, if it is well planned, behavioral & geographically targeted, and have specific measurable goals in mind… this can prove to be very successful. Yet the average DIY marketer can misspend significant amounts of their budget on advertising without a strategic foundation on the effort & then conclude it just doesn’t work. Running the same campaigns again & again without a clear strategy or without seeing results is just a waste of budget.

Be intentional.  Develop a strategy… include a zeroed in target market, geographics & behaviors that the campaigns(s) speak directly to who you are targeting. Set goals… whether it’s boosting sales, raising brand awareness or building upon your following… be specific. If you can also understand when exactly to hit your consumer, depending on the stage of their buying process… this helps as well.

Your ads need to grab your consumers attention & introduce your brand offering to them, effectively. It also needs to stand out from all the white noise consumers receive daily. (no pressure).


#3 – Is my messaging too Self-centered?

Repeated talking about yourself is the sure kiss of death & disengagement of your audience.

Large grandiose content all about you will surely disconnect & confuse your audience who is genuinely attempting to see what real value your brand brings them. Another negative tactic is using complex language to share your messaging that inevitably only confuses & befuddles your consumer.

Instead… utilize clear & concise language that uses simple lay terms & convey what is important to your consumer. State the “why” that THEY will relate to regarding your product or service & you will begin to see them more attracted toward your marketing efforts.


In conclusion, your marketing does not need to be overly complicated or dark & mysterious.

With some research to better understand your consumer, your competition & your desired market(s), you can create a solid marketing plan… and with some clean & purposeful messaging, you can attract the consumer that fits your brand well!


Remember, smart marketing gets results.

James Danella

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