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Good metrics, bad metrics… at the end of the day you need results.

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For business owners, CMOs, and marketing professionals, determining the most effective advertising platform for business growth goals can be challenging. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. The main challenge is acquiring genuine, proven information about effective marketing tactics for local businesses, rather than generic promises and cookie-cutter “formulas” that often fail to deliver.


Many marketers have experienced the disappointment of digital agencies promising extravagant results, like campaigns going viral and massive engagement. The marketing landscape is saturated with similar offerings from various providers, making it difficult to discern what’s best for your business and its specific goals. Researching your target market, understanding your competition, and knowing how your strengths compare to theirs are crucial steps. However, despite these efforts, many still rely heavily on digital dashboards to gauge business growth.


With nearly four decades of experience in marketing at national, regional, and local levels, I’ve noticed businesses often focus on the wrong metrics when tracking results, leading to ineffective campaigns or even business closures. While digital platforms offer robust dashboards to track customer engagement, they often overlook the most critical metric: year-over-year revenue growth. Clicks and conversions are valuable, but if your geographic reach isn’t expanding or you’re not adding locations or equipment, your company might not be growing.


Even if you’re not looking to expand territories or locations, you likely still want to increase revenue. Revenue growth should be the primary metric to measure marketing success, not just clicks. Businesses today need more than a single ad platform or a magic bullet promising overnight success. They require a comprehensive strategy that engages customers across multiple platforms, aligning with their media consumption habits and decision-making processes.


My firm focuses on building strategies that engage customers effectively and sustainably, avoiding short-term fixes that often fail. Each advertising platform should fit into your overall strategy and serve a specific purpose, whether it’s branding, driving traffic, or generating direct response. The right mix of these tools varies by industry but is essential for building a comprehensive growth strategy that delivers both short-term results and long-term sustainability.


James Danella of Media Vision Advertising

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