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We Craft Brands

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Many people think their brand is their logo and a set of colors however, a brand is so much more beyond those two elements! The Media Vision Advertising team carefully craft brands for our clients and offer the tools they need to watch their business grow.

A Well-Crafted Brand

If a brand is more than just your logo, what is it? A well-crafted brand is: A unified message shared throughout a company in the services they provide, the products they sell, their marketing, public relations and design.

A brand is specifically calculated and designed to reach the exact audience that you want your business to be associated with. Let’s talk more about the elements that make up a brand.

Design is the visual part of a brand. That’s why there is often confusion that a brand is the company’s logo. It is also why design is so important to a brand. Your brand needs to attract your target audience, not just appeal to you personally.

Choosing colors that fit in an industry doesn’t mean all those businesses are the same color, it means those colors evoke positive feelings in that industry’s target audience.

Words attract your target audience. Consider the why behind your name, and what your tagline is really saying. Do they match the level of service you provide? Do they align with your focus?

An internal process will ensure that your brand standards are upheld. Consistency is key. When multiple departments slap a logo or a meme or piece of letterhead, the brand is distorted and is perceived to have less value.

Standing the test of time

Brands need to be strong but also have the ability to grow and adapt. Just as people’s tastes change with the passage of time, brands need to stay relevant. How, where and when to make those adaptions isn’t always easy to see.

Think of a brand like a piece of furniture. Do you want something fast and cheap just to make it until tomorrow? Or are you looking for something sturdy and durable that will last, and something that can adapt to change?

Has any of these thoughts made you think? We would love to sit down and have a one to one with you to talk about your brand!


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