ourwork: brand: Remodel 615

Helping a new company establish roots within a community is fun, but watching that new company grow into one of the most well respected and highly acclaimed remodeling firms in Middle Tennessee over the span of merely two years is extremely rewarding. Understanding the unique process Remodel 615 utilizes to help homeowners bring their dream remodels into reality allows us to clearly community what makes them so special with customers looking to fall back in love with their homes. For Remodel 615, our strategy begins with a marketing plan and media buy that includes: Digital display, radio advertising, select print advertising, a content rich social media and search engine optimization all anchored by a strong brand identity. We’ve also created meaningful promotional materials, yard signs, vehicle wraps, signage for their three locations, collateral material, a trade show booth, and a beautiful website. Our digital strategy includes: social media across multiple platforms, video content and a newly launched podcast.