In 2003 James Danella had a vision to create an innovative agency model. One where teamwork was the center and clients are evaluated individually. That vision became reality that year when Media Vision Advertising was formed. For the last 18 years, James and the team at Media Vision Advertising have been developing their core strengths and working together to help their clients to achieve results.

The journey continues as the key players prepare to bring their agency model to new markets. Multiple offices, multiple cities, one collective vision.

What began in New York’s Hudson Valley, has extended to Middle Tennessee. We can’t wait to see what the future brings!

Beginning at the bottom as a production assistant on a television set, at 23, James learned every aspect of the industry from the ground up. He loved his time as a producer and director before crossing over to the agency side working with Zentropy Partners, McCann Erickson & WeMedia, where he produced the 2001 Paralympics in Australia.

The majority of his career prior to MVA was in the national market where he produced many commercials. Some of his favorites include:

  • Meineke Muffler
  • Crunch Fitness
  • InStyle Magazine
  • Kozmo.com
  • TeenPeople
  • and Olive Garden.

In 2003 James focused his creative energy and experience toward building Media Vision Advertising. In addition to his duties at MVA he lectures at universities and businesses on the radio on a variety of topics related to Marketing, Sales, Ethics in Business, and also Improving the Non-profit Model. He enjoys giving back to the community and volunteering his time with numerous causes.

Earlier this year, James became the host of a new podcast The Marketing Perspective. In this bimonthly podcast produced by Media Vision Advertising, James serves as host, sharing his thoughts on all things marketing through his somewhat unique perspective. The Marketing Perspective is a bi-weekly interview-style broadcast that focuses mainly on business issues. Each episode will have a theme and stories and perhaps a few marketing tips thrown for good measure. Be sure to download episodes from buzzsprout or wherever you listen to podcasts.