case study: HONOR


A terrific non-profit that has been flying under the radar for years…

This company serves their county well, offering services to people experiencing homelessness, drug or alcohol abuse, and many other social services for people in need. Their statistics, regarding their services, are exemplary and their experienced teams repeatedly demonstrate the compassion needed in this industry…

Yet no one really knew who HONOR was or what they did… & they repeatedly would be confused by a similar non-profit of similar name

What we did

We gave them a face lift to their brand & created a website worth spending time on… Established a brand presence through PR & other experiential marketing tactics, and greatly increased social presence. This has resulted in a brand presence & they are now more at the forefront of what is happening in their county.


The issues this non-profit addresses each day are as such that average people do not want to address or deal with, openly. Finding ways to present these services in a tasteful & informative manner was the first real challenge. The next was gaining acceptance of the communities served, again, because of the challenges noted above.

We Plan

  • We developed a strategy to build upon their unique brand, while bringing them to the forefront in a tasteful manner.
  • We built a strategy to outreach the communities through events, social media & corporate happenings throughout the county served.

We Create

  • Developed new brand standards & graphics
  • Blogs & other articles have greatly contributed to an expanded reach

We Execute

  • Digital, PR & Experiential Events, new website, organic SEO

We Provide the Results

  • Exponentially higher return, regarding donor contributions, in all their outreach efforts.
  • Greatly expanded brand reach & presence.

Future Plans

We will continue the track we are on for them & will soon seek funding to advertise them for the purpose of outreach in the communities they serve. We will also continue to expand upon their social & web presence, while building upon their content marketing.