case study: Ethan Allen


We have been in relationship with this furniture retailer since 2015.

While they have been in the furniture industry for a long time, through multiple generations of family… their experience lends to their exceptional customer service setting them apart from any other location in the country.



The question remains… does their consumer care about exceptional customer service, or not? Along with terrific designers, their customer service does indeed set them apart not just from competitors but even other EA locations as well.

The biggest challenge we faced when we first met was educating this client they were over-spending on their media buy… & needed to cut almost 20% of needless spend. Other challenges were giving them a brand presence so that the direct response would be more effective. This is a common challenge in many franchise models.


What we did

We developed a strategy for them, specifically, vs. what the corporate model was doing. Once this took shape, we began to see a climb in the monthly numbers, month to month. We also spent time understanding their specific audience in order to affect the direct response by understanding where & how this audience wanted to be reached.

We Plan

  • We developed a strategy to build a sustainable brand in their backyard, making it a household name in the market it serves.
  • The media plan is very different than your textbook retail model & is proving to show measurable results.
  • We’re using digital media as a direct response much as we used to use newsprint to do the same… and it’s working.

We Create

  • Following corporate brand standards… we adjusted content to “speak” to this client’s specific target audience.
  • In TV, we focused the effort on their differentiators.

We Execute

  • TV, Radio, Digital, Local Print, PR, improved microsite, organic SEO, & SEM.

We Provide the Results

  • Greatly expanded brand reach & presence.
  • Increased their monthly numbers by almost 30% in a given 12-month cycle.
  • Open rates continually over 20%


Future Plans

As we have re-introduced digital platforms in 2019 for this client, we are closely watching the results to ascertain what course-corrections are needed to still position them well and additionally continue driving new business through the door. We’re also aggressively attempting to increase their social following and have introduced a paid social campaign to assist with accomplishing this goal.


It will serve them well, in the long run.