MVA is a full-service advertising agency located in New York’s Hudson Valley. Our capabilities include what you’d expect: advertising, marketing, strategic planning, media buying, content messaging, a full menu of design services, as well as all interactive and social media. We focus not within one particular industry. Our creative efforts are unique to each client we serve.

Basically…we make pretty pictures, write blah blah, and figure out the best place to stick ’em.

We Strategize

Strategy and Creative go hand in hand. It’s one thing to create pretty pictures, but without a strategy behind those pretty pictures, there’s no purpose.

There’s a strategy behind all we do…from why we choose the color blue to where the media is placed.

We Plan
| Research | Marketing Planning & Budgeting | Media Buying | Metrics | Experiential | PR |
We Create
| Content Marketing | Brand Identity | Design | Messaging |
We Execute
| Print | Radio | TV | Web | Social Media | Email Marketing | Blogging | Collateral |


 (they’re kinda important)

It’s all about the “ Why”

We get to know our clients and gain a clear understanding of their brand and culture. Finding out why they do what they do. Then, with teamwork and collaboration, we inspire consumers and work towards results.

Why choose Media Vision? Simply put, we create effective strategies.