(Who is Media Vision?)

“Why?” is our favorite question.

We’re inquisitive. We’re Netflix bingers. We’re coffee lovers. We’re BMX racers. We’re bookworms. We’re observers of people. We’re masters of snark.

Our agency is made up of a team who loves to work together and generate ideas. We understand people and the things that motivate them (like ice cream, puppies, and chocolate).

Every marketing tool we use has a strategic thought behind it, and just enough creativity to make it fun.


Laura Danella
James Danella
Taylor Caroccio
Ami Cruz
Alison Robert


First and foremost, before we even engage with a client, we find out as much as we can about their business through research and relationship. We take time to discover all they have to offer, what their strengths are and identify their competitors. We take a good, hard look both from the inside looking out and the outside looking in.

It is after this discovery phase that we dive in to help our clients cast a vision for where they want to go (and grow) as a company. Together, we establish goals and lay out a marketing plan, budget and media buy to help achieve them.

Now then the fun begins…During the creative stage, we explore brand identity, content messaging, and creative concepts.

If you want, we can even take over the day-to-day tasks of managing all your advertising, marketing and social media needs; all while keeping an eye on your bottom line. It’s all in a day’s work here at MVA.

Getting your message into the hands of everyone willing to listen
Building relationships and creating value with potential customers so they become loyal fans
Establishing the direction of your company's future and moving towards a collective vision
Combining elements to create an overall impression that speaks to consumers, evokes emotion, and inspires action

What Our Clients Say About Us

In 2014 when the time came to re-brand Sports, Fitness & Fun to become Orange County Sports Club, it was a natural choice to turn to Media Vision Advertising. Previous dealings with James Danella and the team (they currently work with my other company CCT as well) had always been a positive experience. The staff is wonderful and they have always been very accommodating to our needs. Media Vision created a bold new brand that fit the vision we were looking to create for the future of OCSC. We love the new color scheme and the updated website. Any design firm can give you pretty deliverables, but Media Vision gives you the visuals you are looking for plus they help you to answer the important questions such as why the visuals work, where you should use them as well as the strategy behind it all. Additionally, they are incredibly budget conscious, looking out for the bottom line of OCSC in a way we’ve never before experienced with a marketing/advertising firm.

-Eric Muhlrad, President of Orange County Sports Club

We are a small bank that had a previous advertising message created by another agency. After meeting James Danella of Media Vision Advertising, we knew we could do better for our hometown bank. From day one James communicated a vision for what the message of Wallkill Valley Federal Savings & Loan could and should be. The Media Vision Team began creating a new brand identity for us last year. We became a full agency client in 2015 and since that time, our visibility is so much better. We have begun penetrating new markets and reaching a new client base. Not only that, the strategy Media Vision has created for us is helping us to do the right thing with our advertising dollars.

– Michael Horodyski, President and CEO of Wallkill Valley Federal Savings & Loan