case study:sobo & sobo


This personal injury firm was a jewel in the rough when we met them… having all the essential elements for a successful firm; they were on their way toward being extremely formidable. Today, they are arguably the #1 personal injury firm in the counties they serve as their case load far outweighs their competitors by roughly a 10 to 1 ratio.



This firm was already on a success path when we arrived, yet there was no marketing strategy in place & once their growth model evolved out of their backyard, their existing path would have failed. Victims of their own success of growing quickly, there are many adjustments needed internally to maintain this growth path that are happily all occurring. There is also the ever-present obstacle of one of their key staff going off to an industry conference & buying in to one of these “get rich quick” marketing models that inevitably is the death of any solid marketing plan for a firm.  J


What we did

Media Vision has contributed to this success by developing a strong marketing strategy and increasing branded efforts as well as better positioning of the brand, causing this client to explode in size & more than double in revenue generated within our 2.5-year relationship.

    • We Plan
      • We developed a strategy to build a sustainable brand, making it a household name in the market it serves.
      • Greatly improved upon their media plan that led to a higher conversion rate & a more targeted & cost-effective media buy.
      • The client saw immediate results, from a branded effort & has since seen measurable results.
    • We Create
      • Improved upon existing brand
      • Brought consistency to the brand
      • Removed unnecessary marketing materials
      • We capitalize, from a PR perspective, of ony highigh-profilese they retain
    • We Execute
      • TV, Digital, Trade pubs, PR & Experiential Events, new website, Organic & Paid SEO, PPC, & Social Media
    • We Provide the Results
        • Greatly increased social presence
        • Improved search to “page one” in all major categories of service, sometimes achieving first the position.
        • Exponentially increased brand presence.
        • Doubled overall revenue in two years years’


Future Plans

This firm is ever-evolving & expanding… the messaging is continually evolving, as is the geographic reach. We are in discussion to broaden the demographic reach as well in the near future will adjust the media utilized as well as tweak the messaging. The marketing model coming together from this relationship is a testament to true collaboration with one common goal in mind… the client.