case study: Advocate Brokerage


We have been in relationship with this insurance firm since 2014.

A family run firm with over 35 employees, this insurance broker is at the top of their game & we have positioned them as the elephant in the room… just out of reach for most of their local & even regional competitors.



When we met this firm, they were in the midst of a PR crisis. After that problem was finally solved, we began to re-brand & position them much more effectively than they were to attract the high net worth clientele they cater to regularly. One of the challenges was finding their “voice” & the other was speaking in a language to relate to their client that is not exactly your Geico-type audience. J

Terrific collaboration with their principals have attested to our successes together.


What we did

Beginning with extensive research, we improved brand presence as well as more cost-effectively purchasing their media buy. We created a marketing strategy conducive to attract their specific audience as well as support their growth strategy with presence in Scarsdale NY, Vermont & Florida. Content marketing has at times seen a tremendous direct response, surprisingly, as we have greatly improved upon the engagement with their consumer. The effort to better understand their specific audience was working. Their social following increased and PR efforts, while ongoing, have better positioned them in situations that could have gone very differently.


We Plan

  • We developed a strategy to build a sustainable brand, making it a household name in the market it serves.

We Create

  • Developed new brand & all deliverables needed to market it.
  • A new website, just launched, will also serve them well & is a better reflection of who they are.

We Execute

  • Video, Digital, Local Print, PR & Experiential Events, new website, SEO, PPC

We Provide the Results

  • Greatly expanded brand reach & presence.
  • Receive direct responses from organic content
  • Open rates exceeding 25% regularly
  • Website categorically searched extremely well

Future Plans

We are working on a better cross-selling model that still needs work. We are also planning to expand marketing efforts to their far-reaching markets.