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    When the name of your company has Advertising in it, people kind of expect you to talk about the Superbowl on Monday – arm chair quarterback style. So today, the Monday after the Superbowl, some of the team at Media Vision Advertising is going to share with you our favorites and why we love them:

    Taylor, the newest member to our team, liked the Prius Bank Robbers spot. “I just thought it was silly because the robbers were getting away and people were cheering for them with signs and stuff.”

    Kara’s favorites were the movie trailers. Specifically the trailer for the new Independence Day movie…”It was exciting, I loved the first movie and I am excited about the new one!”

    Laura liked Hyundai’s First Date movie featuring Kevin Hart. “As a mom of two daughters who is married to a slightly overprotective dad, I saw it as a vision for our future. It was brilliant and funny!”

    James preferred Helen Mirren’s public service announcement against Drunk Driving for Budweiser. “I thought it was something totally different. I liked the style of her speaking directly into the camera.”

    Overall, the mood this year was much lighter than last year’s crop of commercials. We went back to funny which was awesome but we have to say as a group we agree that the spots were for the most part like viewing any other television program. Several of the spots where posted online ahead of time so you lose the excitement of premiering a spot during the Superbowl. We would also like to say that we are in total agreement that the spot we liked the LEAST was the Puppybabymonkey spot. In a word, it was creepy, in three words, hard to watch.

    What did you think? Do you agree with any of our favorites? Please leave a comment below.

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