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    Brand Loyalty and The Power of One

    Brand Loyalty and The Power of One
    My son loves football.  Born in late January, he spent his first Super Bowl Sunday asleep wearing football PJs and his arms in the air as if to signal TOUCHDOWN!

    By 5, his first request upon waking during football season was to ask for me to put on ESPN’s Sport Center so he could check out highlights of games that were completed while he was sleeping.

    Just before his 6th Birthday, my husband and I spent the better part of our Christmas vacation turning his bedroom into a football fan’s haven.  Everything in his room from the walls to the bedding to his laundry hamper were transformed to match the color and logo of his favorite team!

    What team?  Well, anyone who has met my son can tell you with 100% certainty that his team is The Dallas Cowboys.  For the Danella family, the Cowboys are more than America’s team, they are football and living in NY in the heart of Giant country has done nothing to sway our brand loyalty.  The family van sports a huge star on the back, my girls have cheerleader outfits, my husband and I have jerseys and my son…well my son may as well be a walking Dallas Cowboy billboard!

    Why am I, writer at an advertising agency, talking to you about football and what on earth does all this have to do with marketing?  Two words.  Brand Loyalty.  You cannot underestimate the power of building a loyal following for your brand.

    I do not believe there is anything that will make my son stop being a fan of the Dallas Cowboys.  He proudly carries his Dallas Cowboy’s backpack and lunch box through the halls of his NY school and does not back down from the harshest criticism.  Instead, he takes the comments from his Giant fan classmates and launched a one boy mission…to convert his entire class (including his teacher) to switch their loyalty from the home team to the Dallas Cowboys.

    How exactly is he going about this?  I mean apart from the room décor, school accessories and apparel choices ?  Which by the way portray a consistent brand presence, but that is a different blog for a different day.

    He is going about his conversion, one individual at a time.  My son has already convinced a few of his buddies that the Cowboy’s do indeed RULE!  In fact I had a parent thank me (sarcastically of course) for the conversion of her son when he ran up to my boy hand in the air exclaiming “Go Cowboys!”.   In fact,  I believe that my son has made it easier for some closet Cowboy fans among the faculty to bring their Aikman jerseys out of mothballs and don them on a recent Sports Fan day.

    He takes great pride in wearing that famous star and he encourages others to do the same.  Now don’t you wish you had a fan base as loyal as my boy?  If you do, count your blessings.  They will be your greatest marketing asset.  As they tell their friends about how great you are, they are bound to win a few for your team who will in turn tell their friends and so on and so on.

    Oh and by the way….Go Cowboys!

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    Brand Loyalty and The Power of One
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    Social Media Takes a Village

    Social media works best when it is interactive.  
    It works best when it becomes more than a place to update your status.
    It works best when it becomes a place to connect & share information with like minded people.

    I’ve seen that first hand.  I’ve experienced it working at its best as part of an on-line group.
    I’ve also seen it work for entrepreneurs & business owners as they share their knowledge with clients & reached beyond their walls into the community.

    In order to make it work.
    In order to keep a fully alive social media strategy working for your business, you need a village.

    Build a Village
    Your Company is made up of a collective of individuals.
    Each of these individuals has their own unique set of talents, strengths & experiences.
    Not only that, each of these individuals has their own circle of influence.
    Imagine, even for a moment, the power of having each individual within your company using their strengths, talents, experiences & circle of influence for the good of the company.
    That my friend is a pretty awesome village!

    Where do you begin?  
    Well more than likely you already have social media channels for your business set up & running.  Chances are your employees are also already doing the social media thing.
    If not, that is a good place to start.  Set up social media channels that are relevant to your business & be sure key employees are ready to utilize the power of social media.

    Set the course
    If your company already has a social media presence, that’s great!
    Just make sure that you & your team are all walking in the same direction so that you can reach the same destination (read as “new business”).
    You have to set the course & you do that, with a strategy!

    It will do no good for employee A to talk about how Widgets are the best thing about your company while employee B tells everyone that Whatsits are the way to go.
    You’ll need a corporate strategy that everyone can plug into.
    Once a course has been set, it gives your village freedom to be themselves.
    It is their individuality that will draw new people into your community.

    What’s next?
    Be sure that as you go on your way, you are relational.
    Don’t just spout facts & figures.  Ask questions.  Do your best to get people talking.
    Share with people.  Not just the serious stuff, but the fun stuff too!
    Who doesn’t love to see pictures of smiling happy people?
    Don’t be afraid to have a little fun!

    Still confused?
    Do you feel like you’ve tried all this stuff & you can’t make it work?
    Have you run into challenges that you aren’t sure how to overcome?
    Share your thoughts below!  We’d love to be part of your village!

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    Social Media Takes a Village