If you write it, they will come.
Tips on writing a blog that builds customer loyalty!

I write.
That is my primary role here at Media Vision Advertising.
I am neither an expert blogger nor do I claim to be one but I can offer insights that will be valuable to any business that is looking to reach out to their customers through a blog. The wonderful world of blogging!

First things first, you need to find your target; your Who.
You need to figure out who is likely to read your blog and then, talk to them.
This is important because just as in real, live conversations, you need to adjust your blog content for your audience.  We adapt to our environment.  We address people differently based on the context of where we are.  If you are going to tell the story of what happened to you at the mall, you might tell it one way to a group of friends and another way with your co-workers.

So…who is your Who?
If you have been blogging for a while, do you have a group of people who routinely comment on past blog posts?  Have you set up a subscription list attached to your blog?  If so…who are these people?   Take some time and find out to whom you will be speaking.  Are they business owners?  Key decision makers within the companies they represent?  Are they families with kids?  Singles who are on more of a career path?  Find some similarities and then speak to them.

If you do not have a list of followers or are just starting out, who do you want to be reading your blog?  To steal a line from my favorite movie Field of Dreams….If you write it they will come.  Meaning if you are looking to reach to a specific audience, write to them and through your various social media efforts, you can end up with the audience of your dreams.

Who Part 2
The second part of Who is you need to know who you are.
Are you writing on behalf of the company?  Or, are you writing as the CEO, president or key decision maker?  In general the more personal you are while you are writing this blog, the more engaging the blog will be.  This doesn’t mean you have to share your life story, it just means that the more human you make the blog, the more it will illicit response.  In general, people what to feel, they want to be inspired, they want to feel good.  If you can show a little bit aboutwho you are then your company will seem more alive to them, more real, more human.  This is a good thing.  It will go a long way to building loyalty.

Be as informative as possible.
If people are going to take time out of their busy day to read your blog, be sure that the information you are offering is valuable.  Aim to give them a piece of information that they can apply to their lives in each and every post.  If your readers are able to take information you provided and apply it to their lives, they are more likely to tune in next week hungry for more.  If the information you provided makes an impact and helps them, they will share your blog.  Then you get a new person in your audience!

Don’t Sell!
I have referred to this before and I really think it is important.
While I understand the need to introduce new products or services to your customers, if you ask your readers to buy something in every post, they may stop being loyal!  What we are looking for is continued customer loyalty which means relationship and trust.  We tend to be wary of someone who is constantly selling us something.  If you have a great product and you really want to share it in a blog post, that is fine but make sure you follow it up with a great informative article that doesn’t sell a thing!

Talk Back!
 to your comments.
Blogging can turn into a dialog if you allow it.  It can give you the opportunity to connect with a potential client while building a solid relationship with them.   While it may be tempting to post the blog and be done or simply read through the comments, it is important that your audience feels heard.  Responding to comments helps potential clients see you as approachable, feel a connection with you which in turn builds……say it with me….loyalty.

Utilize Links!
Remember although blogging is about words, it is still part of the highly visual social media world so anytime you can incorporate something visual, it is a good thing.  Link ideas can be to affiliate websites, related articles or your own past posts on the subject.  Plus, an added benefit is the possibility of additional traffic as well as better search so please….link away!

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