Let’s face it, we live in a fast paced society.  Everything is moving quickly and if you don’t try to keep up you can easily be left behind.  I’m sure you heard that “content is king” and are aware of the phrase Content Marketing, but do you really know what it means?

Today’s consumers are conditioned to look past all the fluff and search for the heart of the message.

In order to do this they

–  DVR past TV Commercials (except during the Superbowl….everyone loves Superbowl commercials!) Tag fb post of superbowl ads

–  Flip past magazine and newspaper ads

–  X (close) banner ads as quickly as they pop up on their computer screen

How then, exactly, do you reach your customers?

Content Marketing…….

Content Marketing is when you have a strategy in place to reach your current customer and potential clients utilizing content.

It is communicating with your prospective customers WITHOUT selling them.

Yes, I did just say without selling them.

Instead it is all about:

–  Building relationships with your clients over the long haul.

–  Obtaining engagement with current clients and potential clients to help you further develop those relationships.


–  Providing potential customers with information they NEED.  Information that helps them make their life easier or happier or less stressful.


–  If they learn something that somehow benefits them, they will come back so that they can learn some more.

–  If they use the information you provided and it helped them and it turns out you were right….you just became an expert to them and they will trust you when they have a future need.


–  They will share this great information with their friends and gain you a new potential client!

The whole idea behind successful content marketing is that if you consistently give potential customers content that educates them and fills a need, they will give you their money, their loyalty AND they will be a sales person for your service or product.

That my friend is the power of selling without selling!  That is content marketing!

If you want to learn more, keep checking back…we will be posting additional information that can be very helpful as you work to establish a strong content marketing campaign!

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