As resident copywriter for Media Vision Advertising I am often given the task of taking content from our clients and reworking it for use across various forms of media.  The fun part of it is that my research often gives me the opportunity to learn about many different topics!  The not so fun part is that I am often given more content than space and my task becomes more, well…complicated.  While each piece of the content provided by our client may be useful information and seem like it is very necessary, the reality is that there is more than space or time will allow.  Plus, even if we could work our magic and make it all fit, we may be hitting more points than the consumer is able to absorb at one time.

Look, each client has many things that makes them unique and there are many reasons why consumers should be giving them business, but the reality is that no one has the time to read all that…stuff.  Today’s world is moving at a very fast pace!  With ipads, ipods and iphones, we pass a ton of information in a ton of different ways most of the time in the blink of an eye.   Plus, even if your consumer has the time to read everything you want to say, chances are they don’t have the attention to read to the end, much less take away each point you are trying to make.

So where does that leave me and all my important information?

Say more with less.


Use less words.


If you have read the above and the word but is on the tip of your tongue, I have some ideas on how to focus and say more with less.

  • Make one main point.  Figure out what the most important thing you want your customers to know and make that one point.
  • When you are tempted to add just one more thing, refer back to the first point and ask yourself:  Does this contribute to my main point?  If it does, great, it is worth considering.  If it doesn’t, save it for the next time you communicate with your client.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words.  Often times, you can make your point without saying anything.  If there is an image that captures what you are trying to convey to your consumer, use it!
  • Use bullet points.  Bullet points are an excellent way to convey important information on a related topic in a succinct manner.  No flowery wording required.  It also makes the content look non-threatening to a prospective consumer and appears to require little time commitment.
  • Break your message into parts.  You can still relay all the information you want your consumer to have, just not all at one time.

Did that help?  There is more I can say on the subject, but we are reaching the maximum word count suggested for blogs to have the most impact on their readers so………any other points will have to wait for another day!

By Laura Danella, Copywriter

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