“Doing more of the same…”

If I had a dollar for every business I meet and see and they are still incorporating the same strategy they’ve had for years…I’d be very wealthy.

Why?…because I keep seeing people doing more of the same and expecting different results.

When you look at it that way it’s insane… right?

Then why are companies still doing what worked for them 5 years ago?

Do they not know better? I can’t believe that…

Is it because “change” may be a four letter word to them?… can’t be. How have they been so successful for years?

Could it be they haven’t done the research to realize there’s a new consumer out there?

You’ve heard me say it before – this recession has created a New Consumer.

So if consumers have changed their buying habits…

If they are making very different decisions regarding even need-based purchases…

Why… oh why… do businesses believe they can still attract this new consumer with the same look, feel & message that has worked in the past?

Bottom line – it won’t.

Here’s another example of “doing more of the same”…

I see businesses running the same ad again & again.

They’re being told by the media reps that it just needs to run longer…

Oh my goodness… People… if a print ad, with the intention of creating a direct response with your consumer, isn’t working… CHANGE IT.

Time may heal all wounds… but it won’t make that ad any better than it is today!

By James Danella
CEO / Strategist of Media Vision Advertising

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